Import your eHour 1 data

eHour 2 is backward compatible with eHour 1. All the hours you tracked in the opensource version can be imported in the new version of eHour. What else will be imported:

  • Customers (now called Clients in eHour 2)
  • Projects
  • Departments (now called Teams)
  • Users
  • Assignments of Users to Projects
  • Tracked hours with their comments

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Weekly comments cannot be imported in the new eHour as that feature is no longer available.
  • The audit log cannot be imported. There is a new audit log in eHour 2 but it is not compatible with the previous version.
  • Users log in to the new eHour with their email address, therefore every user should have a unique email address.
  • Importing will first remove all your data in your eHour 2 account.
How does it work?

The import is based on your eHour 1 XML backup file. Send your backup to We will import your data into your trial account as soon as possible.

Create a backup by logging into your eHour1 application as an admin and navigate to System -> Backup & Restore and click Backup.

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