Send reminders to track time

If a user forgot to track their time - or tracked less time than the configured threshold - eHour can email a friendly reminder asking him to do so. A reminder can be sent each day, every week, or once a month.

To enable and configure the reminders,  as an Admin, click on the Gear icon and select Configure eHour.

In the "Send reminders" section, select "enable".

The first step is setting the  Minimum hours that need to be tracked per week. A reminder will be sent when a full-time employee tracked fewer hours than this threshold.

To adjust this threshold automatically for part-time employees, set the Work hours per week for one full-time user.

Configure the schedule on when to send the reminder. Select a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule and the desired day and time. Daily reminders are sent on working days, Monday until Friday. The minimum hours that need to be tracked per week form the basis for the daily threshold.

Edit the mail by setting the subject and body of the reminder mail. You can use $name as a placeholder for the users' names and $ehour as a placeholder for the web address.

You're almost finished! You can send a carbon copy of each reminder mail to multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma or send them to a specific role. For example, select Team Manager to have all reminders cc'ed to the employee's team manager.

Last but not least, click the Save button to save the settings and schedule reminders.

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