Turnover and Cost rates

When you add a user to a project, you can set an hourly rate. This rate is used for calculating budget usage and for billable projects: calculating turnover.

A second rate can be added to calculate the cost of the user or resource. The difference between the cost and turnover is the gross margin or gross profit on that resource. 

The second rate is configurable and therefore usable in many ways. The rate can have a different currency, and you can change the labels - how it appears in the app.

Enable the second rate

By default, only one rate per user is enabled. To enable a second rate:

  1. Log in as an Admin and click on the Gear icon in the top right and select Configure eHour.
  2. Set 'Enable two hourly rates per user?' to Yes.
  3. Optional, set a label for the first rate. The default is "Hourly rate".
  4. Optional, set a label for the first rate sum. The first rate sum is the column in the reports which calculates tracked time multiplied by the rate. This defaults to "Turnover".
  5. Optional, set a label for the second rate. The label defaults to "Cost rate".
  6. Optional, set a label for the second rate sum. This defaults to "Cost".
  7. Optional, you can choose a different currency for the second rate.
  8. Click the save button.

You can now add a second rate, when:

  • Adding/assigning a user to a project.
  • Adding/assigning a team to a project.
  • A default second rate can be added to each user.

To add the second rate to a report:

  1. In the reports, click on Customize.
  2. In the column's dropdown, a new column is added called Cost Rate - or to the label, you renamed it to in step 4 when enabling the second rate.
  3. A new column "Cost" adds tracked time multiplied with the cost
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