Limit Tracked Time

An Admin can limit the total hours a user can enter, across all projects, per day. A separate cap can be set on the total time tracked on billable projects each day.
For example, with an overall limit of 24 hours and a billable limit of 8 hours, each user can track 24 hours per day but only 8 hours on projects marked as billable. Any hours exceeding one of the restrictions are rejected.
The limit applies to all users.
To configure the maximum hours:
  1. As an Admin, click on the gear icon next to your name and select "Configure eHour".
  2. Scroll to the segment "Limit Tracked Time per Day".
  3. Enter the total hour limit, the billable limit, or both.
  4. Click Save.

Enter 0 or leave the field empty to remove any previously set restrictions.

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