Create invoices in Jortt

Jortt is accounting software targeted at the Dutch market. Connect eHour with Jortt, import all your Jortt customers into eHour and start invoicing your hours.

1. Connect eHour with Jortt

  1. In Jortt, generate an API key at
  2. In eHour, as an Admin navigate to the gear icon and select External Integration / Externe Koppelingen
  3. Fill out the Jortt application name and generated Jortt API key
  4. Click Connect to Jortt to verify the integration
  5. eHour and Jortt are now connected!

2. Import your Jortt customers

  1. In eHour, navigate to Manage, Clients
  2. When Jortt is connected, use the "Import from Jortt" button
To keep things simple, imported Jortt customers are not editable in eHour. Please edit a customer in Jortt and click the "Import from Jortt" button again. Already imported customers will be updated with any changes.

3. Invoice your hours

  1. In eHour, navigate to the Reports
  2. Create a report which contains all the hours you want to have on the invoice
  3. Click on export, Generate Jortt Invoice
  4. A preview is shown of the invoice(s) that will be created. 
  5. An invoice will be created for each customer found in your report. Toggle the "multiple invoices" button to "single invoice" if you want to create a single invoice for all customers.
  6. Click on "Generate in Jortt" to create the invoices in Jortt
  7. After creation an overview is shown with the created invoices. Click on the client name to navigate to the invoice in Jortt.
eHour automatically tags all hours that are invoiced. In reports, click on "more filters" and in the Tag / Jortt Invoice select the Jortt invoice you are interested in. 
Looking for hours that have not been invoiced yet? Select "Hours without tag" in the tag dropdown.

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