Tracking Time

Tracking Time

In eHour, you have an overview of each week with individual days for tracking hours. No need to worry about updating tracked hours or losing data because you can make changes when needed, and eHour automatically saves them for you! Also, you can view the timesheet status at any time.

Navigating through all of the weeks is easy using either the back and forward arrows next to each week or the overview on top. There you can see bars for each day and click one for details. The monthly overview at the top shows full bars for days you tracked eight hours and fewer bars for days you tracked less. The current day is highlighted with a blue bar.

To track time in eHour, all you have to do is configure your timesheet, enter the tracked hours for each day and request approval at end of the week.

Configure your Timesheet

You can choose how some settings display on your timesheet. If you want to change the settings, click Settings to turn on or off any of these three features:

  • Smart Sorting lists your frequently used projects first.
  • Track in time lets you enter your time in HH:MM format such as 1:30 instead of 1.5 hours.
  • Show project codes displays project codes on the timesheet as set by your manager.

Each row in the weekly timesheet is an assignment to a project or a project task. Hours tracked for each project or project task are shown in the rows. Hours tracked for the day are displayed in the columns.

In the first column, for projects you have the project icon and then the project name. For tasks it's the project task icon and then the project task. To get more information about a project or project task, click the folder icon next to the project name or the clipboard icon next to a project task name.

You also can get information about the time frame and budget when they are set by your manager.

You can quickly know whether a project or project task does or does not have a budget by looking at the client name below the project or project task. When there's a dollar sign in front of it, it's a project or task with a budget. When there is an "i" icon in front of it, it's a project or task without a budget.

Tracking Time

To enter tracked time, click on the day you want to track hours. A warning popup lets you know when you track more than the budgeted hours and highlights the day with a red frame.
If you want to leave a note for your manager, you can leave a comment by clicking on the speech bubble icon beside the hours you tracked. For example, if you track more than the budgeted hours, you can enter a brief explanation, then click Save to update the comment.

Request Approval

When enabled, you can request approval for your timesheet by clicking the Request Approval button. You can enter a comment before clicking submit approval request. The same button then displays the timesheet status.
To cancel an approval request, click Approval Pending and cancel. You can then edit and resend Request Approval.

That's it! You can now track your time!

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