Set Up your Projects

Set Up your Projects

Create a client

With Admin or Manager permissions, you can add, edit and archive clients.

  1. Navigate to Manage, then Clients.
  2. Click New Client or use the red plus button.
  3. Enter a unique client name.
  4. Enter a brief code to identify the client in your financial administration.
  5. Optionally add a description which serves as an internal quick description of the client.
  6. Click the Save button to store the client. You can now add projects to the client.

Create a project

A User can track hours once he is assigned to a project. Before you can assign Users to a project, you first have to create one, name it and assign it a code and client. Note that only users with Admin or Manager permissions can create projects.

  1. To create a project, click on Manage in the top navigation.
  2. Select Add project or click the red + sign at the lower left.
  3. Choose a unique name for the project.
  4. Enter a unique, brief Project code you can use to identify this project internally. The Project Code is visible in the Reports.
  5. Projects are organized by client. Select a client this project belongs to and voila! That's it!

Additionally you can configure a project with these options:

  1. Designate a Contact person - whom anyone with any questions about this project may contact.
  2. Select a Project Manager - who can report on all hours tracked on the project. Click the arrow, locate the name of Project Manager, and click to select.
  3. Set a budget in hours - Enter the maximum amount of hours that all Users assigned to the project can track collectively.
  4. Make a project global - So that all users are automatically assigned to this project. For example, to track all absence hours you can create a project Absence and make it global. All users are then automatically assigned to the absence project.
  5. Make a project billable - Turnover is calculated for billable projects using the Users or assignment rate. Check this box if you want turnover calculated for billable and to be able to filter it in the reports.
  6. Enter a brief description of the project, visible for Users in their timesheet.
  7. Click Save.
That's it! Once you create a project, you can see a summary and the option to assign users or edit the project settings. Your next task is to assign users so they can track time on your newly created project.

Create a project task

Project tasks give greater detail of how time is spent on a project. Use Project Tasks to divide a project into subsections you then can assign to specific users or teams.

  1. To create new project tasks, go to the Manage tab.
  2. Look up the project where you want to add a Task.
  3. Click on New Task.
  4. Enter a descriptive name for the Task.
  5. In the next screen, add the Users or Teams you want to assign to this Task.

With your Clients, Projects and possibly Tasks created it is now time to assemble your team.

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