Assemble your Team

Assemble your Team

You can build your company’s team by adding co-workers to your account. Here’s how you can invite users to join your account:

Invite users

To create a user and invite them to eHour:

  1. Click on the Manage tab and select Users. Use the add user button or the red + sign in the lower left of the page.
  2. Enter the user's first name, last name and email in the popup. Users log in with their unique email address.
  3. Select the role(s) this User has. With a role you define what the user can do in eHour:
    1. Time Tracker users - can only track time on projects.
    2. Report on all Hours users - can create reports on all hours of all users, tracked on all projects.
    3. Report on all Expenses users - can create reports on all expenses filed by all users when expenses are enabled.
    4. Manager users - can manage clients, projects, tasks, teams and users. They also can log in as a different user.
    5. Admin users - have the same permissions as an administrator and can change eHour's global configuration, add or remove custom fields, manage expense cost categories, update the API key and change billing information.
  4. Click Save user to save this user. That's it! You created a user.

Additionally you can:

  1. When timesheet approval is enabled, you can set the Line Manager of this user. The line manager can approve or decline the User's timesheets. Click on the arrow to see a list, and choose a line manager for the user.
  2. Set an hourly rate for the User. Hourly rate is used to calculate turnover for the billable projects. This rate can be overridden when assigning a user to a project.
  3. Enter the contract hours or amount of hours the user works per week. Contract hours are used for determining when an automatic reminder is sent.
  4. Elect to send the User reminder email for missing hours. Click the Send reminder email box.
  5. Define custom fields.
  6. Set a password for the user's email account or let them choose their own. When creating a new user, an invitation email is sent to the user. The User can click the link in the invitation mail to set his own password, or you can set the password by using the "Click here to set the password now" link.

Create teams

By organizing users into teams, you can easily filter on teams in reports and assign a team manager who can approve hours of the team members.
Teams can be assigned to a project or project task. Each individual teammembers can then track hours on the project or task.
Users can be members of multiple teams.

To create a team:

  1. Go to Manage, click Teams.
  2. Click the Add Team button or use the red + button.
  3. Enter your name for the Team.
  4. Give the team a brief, unique code to identify it.
  5. Optionally assign a Team Manager who can approve hours for team members.
  6. Click the Save the team button.

That's it! You created a team! You now can assign team members.

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