Approve Tracked Time

Timesheet Approval

Great, you've tracked hours. How to make sure all hours are correct and are not modified after they are invoiced?

Approvals is an optional feature. When enabled, a user can submit his timesheet for approval. Once the user requests approval for his timesheet, the timesheet will be locked from modification unless the timesheet reviewer rejects the timesheet. Approvals can be done either on a weekly or monthly basis.

Enabling timesheet approvals

  1. Log in as an admin.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Select Configure approvals.
  4. Specify the reviewers. You also can select a specific user such as someone from finance to give final approval.

Approving timesheets

When a user requests approval, the appropriate reviewers are notified by email that there are pending approvals.

To Approve Timesheets:

  1. Either use the link in the email or click on Approve in eHour. You will see tabs for Pending approvals and Completed approvals.
  2. Select an approval request from the list of all Pending approvals. With the approval selected, you get an overview of all hours tracked on the timesheet per client, per project, per task.
  3. Click "show details" to view the hours tracked in that month and any comments by the user.
  4. Click "Approve" to approve the timesheet.

Rejecting Timesheets

When rejecting a timesheet, you can leave a comment for the user why you rejected it. The user will receive an email notification of the rejection, and they can modify the timesheet and resubmit.

Last but not least you can create all kind of summarized or detailed reports with eHour.

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