What is Single Sign-on

With Single Sign-on with Microsoft Office 365/Azure Active Directory enabled, users can sign in eHour using their Work or School account. Users do not have to remember a separate eHour password as they can authenticate through your directory.

Why is it useful?

Users no longer have to struggle with multiple passwords and remembering which one is for which account.

When eHour is easier to access, it will be used more effectively.

Reducing Risk
Having only one access point minimizes the likelihood of users using simple easy-to-crack passwords.

How does it work?

Microsoft Accounts and eHour users are matched on email address. When a Microsoft account signs in, a search is done for an active eHour user with the same email address as the signed in account. Access to eHour is denied when no user can be found.

Single Sign-on first must be enabled in eHour by an admin before users can sign in with the Microsoft account.

How to enable Single Sign-on

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