Project Manager Approval Workflow

With the Project Managers Approval Workflow selected, all relevant Project Managers need to give their approval.

When there are no Project Managers found, a fallback reviewer can give his or her approval.

Example with projects with Project Managers;

To enable the Project Managers Approval Workflow, select "Project Managers" in the Approval Setting page. For this example, this workflow is enabled but no fallback reviewers are configured.

The process is:

  1. In week 18, Andrew tracked time on three different projects;
  2. Andrew requests approval;
  3. Two of those projects have a Project Manager set: John and Sally. Both get a notification email;
  4. John reviews the hours for his project on Andrew's timesheet and approves. The timesheet is still in pending state;
  5. Sally also reviews the hours for her project on Andrew's timesheet and approves. The timesheet is approved;
  6. Andrew receives an email notifying him that his hours are approved.

Example with fallback reviewer

The Project Managers Approval Workflow is enabled and the Line Manager is  configured as the fallback reviewer. Thomas is configured as Andrew's Line Manager.

  1. In week 19, Andrew was two days on vacation. He tracked tracked hours on the vacation/PTA project and on the Development project;
  2. The development project has John as PM while the PTA project does not have a PM set;
  3. Andrew requests approval;
  4. John needs to approve the hours for the Development project;
  5. Thomas needs to approve the hours for the PTA project as he is Andrew's Line Manager;
  6. When both John and Thomas approve the hours the timesheet is considered to be approved and Andrew is notified by email.
It is advised to always include a Manager or Admin as a fallback reviewer. Timesheets get auto-approved when there are no Project Managers available nor any fallback reviewer is set.

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