Getting Started

Getting Started with eHour

Welcome to eHour! We're glad to have you and quite proud to serve your time tracking needs. First, we'd like to explain how eHour is organized and how you should set up things so you can get the most out of your eHour account.

This guide should take only about ten minutes to get through from front to back. It will show you the basics for everything you need to get up and running tracking time from creating the client to approving the timesheets.

How eHour works

All time in eHour is tracked to a client, project and project task.

  1. Client -- is a company you are doing work for. All projects are organized under clients.
  2. Project -- is any and all planned work you will do for that client. Optionally, you can add a set of tasks to a project.
  3. Tasks -- are specific types of work you will do for your project. Time in eHour is tracked to tasks under a specific project.

To track time you invite your co-workers to eHour and assign them to a project or project task.
You can also organize them in teams and assign teams to a project or task. When someone joins a team (s)he can automatically track time on all the projects the team is assigned to.

Timesheets can be approved on a weekly or monthly basis. When a User requests approval for a timesheet, the timesheet is locked from modification and can be approved or rejected by the managers you chose.

Let's get started by creating a Client and Project.

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