How to remind users to track time?

Email reminders

When users forget to track their time in eHour, you can send them an automated reminder email asking them to post their tracked hours.
An Admin can configure the minimum amount of hours a User needs to track and when a reminder email should be sent.

Enable email reminders

Head over to the Configure general settings, scroll to Send reminders, and enable reminders by checking the "Enable reminders?" checkbox.

  • Set the "Work hours per week for a full time employee" to the amount of hours a full-time employee works, usually 40.

  • Next, set the "Minimum hours that need to be tracked per week" to the amount of hours that a full-time employee needs to track in a week. When he tracked less in that week, a notification will be sent.
    When you edit a User you can set his contract hours, . eHour will adjust the minimum amount of hours required to the contract hours.
  • When to send the reminders: Here, set the moment in the week when you want to send the reminder by choosing the day and time from the dropdown.

  • Subject of the email speaks for itself..

  • Okay. Now, in the Body of reminder mail, type the body of the mail. You may use $name as a place holder for the users' names, and eHour will put each User's name in their respective reminder. You can leave the default message or personalize it for your company culture.

  • You're almost finished! You can cc, or send a courtesy copy, of each invitation mail to others Users by entering their email addresses separated by a , (comma).

Last, but certainly not least, click the Save button to save these settings. Voila! You have now configured email reminders for missing time.

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