Assign a User to a Project

Assigning a User to a project

To allow a user to track hours on a project an Admin or Manager first need to assign the user to a project.
When a user is assigned to a project he/she can track hours on that project.

To assign a User to one or more projects:

  1. Go to Manage Users by clicking on Manage on the the top of the page and then Users
  2. Look up the user in the list or search for it
  3. Below the User info you see a list of the projects the User can already track hours on
  4. Click on "Assign to Project" to assign the User to more projects.
  5. Select one or multiple projects you want to assign to and the start and end date. 
  6. Optionally add a role and hourly rate.
  7. Optionally add a budget in hours.  When you selected 2 projects and a budget of 200 hours, the user can track 200 hours on each project.
Select save assignment to allow the user to track hours!

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