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Creating projects in eHour

A User can only track hours once he is assigned to a project. Before you can assign Users to a project, you first have to create one, name it, assign it a code and client. Note than only users with Manager roles and Admin roles can create projects. Let's get you started.

Click on Manage in the top navigation:

  1. Select Add project, or the red + sign located at the lower left to cue the popup.
  2. Choose a unique name for the project.
  3. Enter a unique, simple and brief Projectcode you can use to identify this project, perhaps initials or something similar, for example.
  4. Projects are organized by client. Select a client this project belongs to and voila! That's it!

Additionally you can configure a project with:

  • You can designate a Contactperson whom anyone with questions about this project may contact.
  • Project Managers can report on all hours tracked on the project. Click on the arrow, locate the name of the Project manager, and click to select it.
  • You can set a Budget in hours by entering the maximum amount of hours that all Users assigned to the project can track.
  • You can make a project global, all users in your eHour account are automatically assigned to this project. For example, when you want to track absence hours, make the project global by checking the global checkbox.
  • You can make the project billable. Turnover is only calculated for billable projects. Check this box if you want turnover calculated for billable and to be able to filter it in the reports.
  • You can enter a brief description of the project.

Once you create a project, you will see a summary and the option to assign users or edit the project settings.
Your next task is to Assign users so they can track time on your newly created project.

Quick Reference: to Manage Projects: Home→ Manage→ Projects→ Add project→ Popup: Enter name of project→ Give it a Projectcode→ Choose the Client→ Name the Contactperson→ Assign a Project manager→ Enter Budget's total hours→ Description→ Global project→ Billable→ Save project. That's it!

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