Creating Reports

Creating Reports

Everything you need for creating reports is located on one page. The upper section has the options to create reports, and the created report will appear below. Whenever you change any options, the report is automatically updated.

Between the report data and the menu bar are a number of buttons: Export, Tag Hours, and Mark Expenses

  • Use the export button to export the report to Excel.
  • There is a "tag hours" button when a user has admin or manager role and there are hours in the port.
  • There is a "mark expenses" button when a user has admin or manager role and there are expenses in the report.

Reporting is available for everyone, but the amount of hours and expenses a User can report on differs with their Role:

  • Time tracker role: Only access to own hours and own expenses
  • Report on all hours: Access to everyone hours but only own expenses
  • Report on all expenses: Only access to own hours but everyone's expenses
  • Manager & Admin: Only access to own hours and own expenses but can mark expenses and tag hours
  • Project manager: Access to all hours tracked on his project but only own expenses, and can tag hours

To use a Predefined reports

eHour comes with a set of predefined reports that provide the most common summaries. You can modify them to create your own reports by picking the columns you need.

From the Predefined Reports field, you can choose different types of reports for Hours, Expenses, or Combined Hours and Expenses.

To create a customized report

  1. Click the blue (customize) link at the top of the page or select Customize from the end of the list of predefined reports. A new dropdown with column options will appear.
  2. From the Columns in Report dropdown, select any of the columns you want included in your report.

Switching between summarized and detailed reports

  1. Check the box beside, "Summarize data by the columns."
  2. Select the columns you want to group. For example, to create a report showing a summary of who tracked hours per client, per week, select the Week, Client Name, Users and Hours columns from the dropdown.

That's it! You created a report.

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