Ensuring Accuracy: Approving Timesheets

With timesheet approvals, timesheets can be reviewed and approved by managers. Once a timesheet is submitted for approval it is locked and cannot be changed. Who can approve the timesheet is entirely configurable.

Approving Timesheets

When a user requests approval, the appropriate reviewer is notified by email that a timesheet is awaiting approval.

To approve the timesheet:

  1. Use the link in the email or use the Approve menu item in eHour.
  2. Select the timesheet you want to approve in the list of all Pending approvals. Only timesheets that are relevant for you are shown.
  3. A summary of all hours, grouped by the client is shown. If you need more details, click on the client to see all individual hours tracked on that client or "Show Timesheet" to see all hours tracked.
  4. Click "Approve" to approve the timesheet.

Rejecting Timesheets

When rejecting a timesheet, you can leave a comment for the User about why you rejected it. The user will receive an email notification of the rejection, and they can modify the timesheet and resubmit.

Reopening Timesheets

If you find an error, you can always reopen an already-approved timesheet.
When a timesheet is reopened, the user is notified by email and can modify it and resubmit as they do for a rejected timesheet.

To reopen a timesheet:

  1. Navigate to "Approve" in the top navigation and click on Completed Approvals.
  2. Select an approved timesheet from the list of all Completed approvals.
  3. Click "Reopen" to reopen the timesheet. Please feel free to leave a comment for the User about why you reopened it.

The list with completed approvals only includes approvals that you reviewed. Admins have access to all approvals and can reopen any completed approval.

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