eHour uses a base price per user per month that gives you access to all features.

We price in Euro or US Dollars. The base price per active user per month is € 3.5 or $ 4.

There are two types of subscriptions: the flexible monthly subscription and the discounted, committed annual subscription.

Monthly subscription

With a monthly subscription, you pay on a monthly cycle with a credit card or European debit card (SEPA) for the active users you have in your account.

  • You are charged every month based on the number of active users in your account at that moment. For example, when you have 40 active users, you will be charged 40 x € 3.5 is € 140, or 40 x $ 4 is $ 160.
  • Archived users are free and do not add up to your bill. Any tracked hours or expenses from archived users are still available in the reports, but the users themselves can not log in.
  • When you create a new user, we bill the amount necessary to cover the new user for the rest of the month. If you are charged the monthly term on the 10th of January and on the 17th of January you add one user - with three weeks left until you are billed for your next monthly cycle; you will be billed 3/4 of 3.5 euros for that user. This pro-rato part is added to your next invoice.
  • When a user is deleted or archived, the remaining days are compensated on your next bill.

Annual subscription

With the annual subscription, you pay a full year in advance for a fixed number of users. We give a 10% discount on the € 3.5 user per month price.

  • You are charged every year for the number of users you expect to have in your account. For example, with 40 active users, you will be charged 40 users x € 3.5 x 12 months minus 10% is € 1.512.
  • Payment can be made via invoice and bank transfer or credit card.
  • When you create a new user, we pro-rato bill the user until your subscription's renewal date.

If you want to use the annual subscription, please let us know how many users you want to pay upfront.

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