Converting to a paid subscription

The first 14 days of using eHour are free. If you wish to continue using eHour after those 14 days you will need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

To continue with a monthly paid subscription

  1. As an Admin, click on the gear icon and select Billing
  2. Click the 'Continue using eHour' button
  3. Review the number of active users and the monthly cost and click Proceed to checkout
  4. Add your account details
  5. Add your billing address. If you are in the EU zone, please add your VAT registration number.
  6. Add your credit card details

Now that your account details are added your account will automatically be converted to a paid account once the 14 days of free usage are over.

Continue with an annual paid subscription

If you want to make use of the annual subscription, please let us know how many users you want to pay upfront. We will send you the invoice and our bank details by email.

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