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Creating and managing project tasks can be challenging, especially when managing multiple projects with similar tasks. With Project Task Templates, you can streamline your projects and ensure consistency. 

What is a Project Task Template?

A project task template is a pre-defined set of tasks. When a project uses the template, all the tasks included in the template will be automatically added to the task list. 

If the template is updated with new tasks, those tasks will also be added to connected projects automatically. 

Similarly, if any tasks in the template are removed, renamed or changed, those changes will also apply to the project. This ensures that projects using the template always have access to the latest set of tasks defined in the template.

Who can create and change Templates?

Only users with the admin role can change the tasks in project task templates. Project Managers can use the templates in their projects and can rename or remove tasks created by the template from their projects.

How to create a template and add tasks

To create a new task, log in as an Admin:

  1. Click the Admin gear icon in the top right.
  2. Select Project Task Templates.
  3. Click on the Plus icon located at the bottom left of the screen to create a new Template.
  4. Give your new template a name and click "Create Template"
  5. Click on "Add the first task" and enter the details for the task.
  6. Click "Create Task" to finalize the new task creation.

Congratulations, you've successfully created your first template with a task! Use the "Add New Task" button to add more tasks to the template.

Using a template in a project

To connect a project to a template, a project manager can select the desired template(s) when editing the project. Additionally, multiple templates can be chosen, and all tasks associated with each selected template will be created for the project.

If a task created from a template is not required for a particular project, the project manager can disconnect and remove the task from the project.

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