Configuring Timesheet Approval

If you're using timesheets to generate invoices, paychecks or reports, odds are you'll want to review and lock timesheets.

With timesheet approvals, timesheets can be reviewed and approved by managers. Once a timesheet is submitted for approval it is locked and cannot be changed. Who can approve timesheets is completely configurable. Project Managers 

Approval Settings

Approval settings can be changed by an Admin. Navigate to the Configure Approvals using the gear icon on the top right.

Timesheet Approvals

The approval system can be enabled or disabled as a whole.

Approve by week or month

Approval for a timesheet can be requested for a single week or for a whole month. When you configure weekly approvals, users can request approval for the whole week while monthly approvals will, unsurprisingly, submit approval for a whole month,

Split the last week of the month in two approvals?

This option is only available when weekly timesheet approvals are enabled. With this option enabled, the last week of the month can be broken up into two separate approvals. 

For example, May 2022 ends on Tuesday the 31st of May. If you want to run a report on all approved hours for the month of May you may need to wait until Friday the 3rd of June before users send in their weekly timesheet for approval.

With the split approval function enabled, users can request approval on Tuesday the 31st of May for the last days of May and on Friday for the first days of June.

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