Creating Reports

Everything you need for creating reports is located on one page. The upper section has all the filters to create reports, and the created report will appear below. Whenever you change any filters, the report is automatically updated.

Predefined Reports

eHour comes with a set of predefined reports that provide the most common summaries. From the Predefined Reports dropdown, you can choose different types of reports for Hours, Expenses, or Combined Hours and Expenses. Expenses reports are only shown when the Expenses feature is enabled.

Create a customized report

You can modify any predefined report by picking the columns you need. Click on the blue (customize) link at the top of the page. A new dropdown with column options will appear. 

From the Columns in Report dropdown, select any of the columns you want to be included in your report. 

Do you want to see how many hours were tracked on each project per week? Select Week, Project, Hours. 

Do you want to see the turnover made by each user per day? Select Day, User, Turnover.

Include users who did not track any time.

Reports report on hours tracked. But what happens when someone did not track any hours at all in a given timeframe? The person will not show up in the report at all since only tracked hours are reported.
To include users without any users, tick the include user who did not track any time box.

Exporting Hours to Excel or CSV

All the reports can be exported to Excel or CSV. Click on the export button to export your hours to the desired format.

Tagging Hours

When for example you have invoiced the tracked hours, you may want to tag these hours so that you do not invoice them again. To tag all the hours in a report, select the "Tag Hours" button and either select an existing tag or create a new tag.

Hours can only have one tag. When there are hours in your report that are already tagged, the tag is overwritten when you retag them.

Filtering on tag

You can filter on any tag that you created by showing all the filters (more filters) and select the tag from the "Filter on tag" dropdown. To see only hours without a tag, select "Hours without tag" in the dropdown.

Removing a tag

To remove tags from hours; first, create a report with the tagged hours. Then click on "Tag Hours" and select "Remove tags"

Who can report on which hours

Reporting is available for everyone, but the hours and expenses that can be reported differ with the role:

Time tracker role

Only access to own hours and own expenses.

Report on all hours

Access to everyone's hours but only own expenses.

Report on all expenses

Only access to own hours but everyone's expenses

Manager & Admin

Only access to own hours and own expenses but can mark expenses and tag hours

Project manager

Access to all hours tracked on his project but only own expenses, and can tag hours

Line manager

Access to all hours tracked by the people he or she manages but only own expenses, and can tag hours

Team manager

Access to all hours tracked on the team but only own expenses, and can tag hours

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