Schedule Reports to Email

You can schedule any Saved Report to be delivered to your email address. For example, get a report on Monday morning with all the billable hours that were tracked in the previous or a report on Friday afternoon with all pending approvals.

To schedule a report:

Create the report you want to schedule, either a predefined report or a customized one.
Click the "Save" button in the top left.
Give the report a name, this is will also be used in the subject of the email message when it is sent.
Turn ‘Schedule to email’ on.
Select how frequently you need it: daily, weekly or monthly.
Click Save to schedule your report

Daily reports are sent at 7 in the morning in your local timezone and cover the previous day.

Weekly reports are sent at 7 in the morning on Monday and cover the previous week (Monday - Sunday).

Monthly reports are sent at 7 in the morning on the 1st of every month and cover the previous month.

Do not forget to set your timezone in the General Settings (Admin role required!).

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