Insights Dashboards

Managing your team's progress, productivity, and financial performance is crucial for successful project management.

Insights offer a user-friendly way to understand your time-tracking data through visual representations of key metrics. By leveraging Insights Dashboards, you can optimize resource allocation, improve billing accuracy, and enhance overall project management processes.

Insights Access

Insights provide role-based data access to maintain privacy and data security while ensuring that relevant information is available to users.

Time Tracking Role users can view their data, Project Managers access data for managed projects, Line Managers see data for managed staff, Team Managers access data for managed teams, and Reporting Role users have access to all data.

Filtering data

The filtering options allow you to tailor the data displayed to your needs. The following filters are available:

  • Timeframe: Restrict the data to a specific date range or predefined time period.
  • Projects: Filter the data by a specific project or all projects of a client.
  • Users: Filter the data by a specific user or all members of a team.

In addition to these filters, you can also select to view only active projects, billable projects, or only active.

Customizing dashboards

To edit a dashboard, click the "Edit Dashboard" button to enter edit mode. Once in edit mode, you can add, remove and reorder charts - customizing the dashboard to suit your needs.

To add a chart to the dashboard, click the "Charts" button and select the desired charts.

To remove a chart from the dashboard, click the cross in the top right corner of the chart while in edit mode.

Drag and drop charts to the desired location to reorder charts within the dashboard.

Once you've customized your dashboard to your liking, click the "Save" button and give your customized dashboard a name. You can access your saved customized dashboards anytime by selecting them from the dashboard dropdown.

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