Approving Timesheets for Managers

The process of approving timesheets in eHour is straightforward yet essential. Users log their work hours and request approval when they are finished. You assess each timesheet's accuracy and completeness, ensuring that every entry aligns with the project's progress and guidelines.

Recognizing Timesheets awaiting your review

So, how do you know if you have timesheets waiting for your review?

  • In eHour, next to the Approval menu item is a counter of all pending timesheets

  • eHour sends email notifications to keep you informed outside the app. Depending on how your admin has configured it, you receive immediate notifications for every request or a consolidated list of all pending timesheets.

How to review and approve Timesheets

To review the pending timesheets, navigate to Approve in the main menu or use the link in the email notification. You'll be greeted with a list of timesheets awaiting your review.

The timesheets are grouped by week or month, depending on the configured timesheet period.

If a quick scan confirms that the logged hours seem accurate, you can approve them directly in the list. Depending on the volume and preference, you can also approve timesheets individually or in bulk.

Approve in bulk
Approve in bulk

To approve multiple timesheets in one batch, use the checkbox in the grouped header to select all timesheets and then click the green 'approve' checkmark icon next to the number of timesheets selected.

Grouping Selector

The list of timesheets is organized by date. With the grouping selector, you can categorize them by date or user. These views enable you to bulk approve (or reject) all timesheets for a specific user or timeframe.

Timesheet details

For timesheets that require more attention, click the specific timesheet in the list to explore the details.

In the popup, you can find the following:

  • The complete timesheet with a detailed breakdown of all logged hours and comments;
  • Metrics like total time logged for the projects on the timesheet, cumulative generated revenue, and insights into the budget — how much has been used and remains.
  • The timeline of the review itself, when it was submitted, rejected, and resubmitted. Remarks left by the user and reviewer.

Rejecting Timesheets

If you spot any inaccuracies in a timesheet, you can reject the timesheet. The user will be notified and allowed to make corrections before resubmitting.

When you reject, it's essential to provide feedback. This feedback appears within the timesheet and is also emailed to the user.

To reject, use the red cross icon in the list or the 'Reject' button in the timesheet details.

Reopening Already Approved Timesheets

We all change our minds sometimes! 🙂 If you need to revisit an approved timesheet, you can quickly reopen it. This action is essentially the same as rejecting a timesheet: the user is notified and can adjust their entry before resubmitting.

To do this, go to the 'Approved' tab and click the unlock icon next to the desired timesheet. Please feel free to add feedback on why you're reopening the timesheet.

Chasing users who haven't submitted their timesheet

Remind user to request

Not everyone who tracked time requests approval for their timesheet. Be it a rejected timesheet that needs to be submitted or a timesheet that is not requested at all, they are all listed in the 'Waiting for User' tab.

If you want to send a quick reminder to users individually or in bulk, use the envelope icon next to the timesheet.

Don't fret about overwhelming users with reminders; eHour ensures that multiple reminders for the same timesheet are consolidated, sending only one email every three days for the same timesheet.

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