Configuring Timesheet Approval

If you're using timesheets to generate invoices, paychecks or reports you likely need an approval workflow.

With timesheet approvals, timesheets can be reviewed and approved by managers. Once a timesheet is submitted for approval it is locked and cannot be changed. Who can approve timesheet is completely configurable.

Approval Settings

Approval settings can be changed by an Admin. Navigate to the Configure Approvals using the gear icon on the top right.

Timesheet Approvals

Enable timesheet approval to allow users to submit their timesheet for approval.

Weekly or Monthly approvals

Approvals can be requested for a single week or for a whole month. When you configured weekly approvals, users can request approval for their weekly timesheet. With monthly approval configured, selected users can request approval for a whole month in one go.

Enable notification emails

Timesheet reviewers are notified by email of any new requests. In eHour, a badge is shown in the main menu to indicate the number of pending timesheet approvals. If you do not need the additional email notifications you can disable them here for everyone.

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