Exporting hours to a Jortt invoice

You can export your tracked hours to an invoice in Jortt

eHour can create separate invoices for each client or a single invoice for all clients. 

The columns in your report form the description of the invoice line. 

Hours are automatically tagged after an invoice is created, so you can always find hours that have not been invoiced

How to invoice your hours

Make sure that you connected eHour to Jortt. When "Create Jortt invoice" is available in the reports' export list, both applications are connected.

  1. Head to Reports in eHour and create a report with all the hours you want to invoice. 
  2. With all the hours you want to invoice in your report, click on Export and select "Create Jortt Invoice".
  3. The pop-up shows a preview of the invoices that will be created.
  4. Click on "Send to Jortt" to create the invoices.
  5. A summary of the created invoices is shown. Click on each invoice to show the created invoice.


Invoice all your clients in one go

Do you want to send invoices to all the clients you worked for last month? In the reports, select the whole month as the timeframe. In the "Include Projects" filter, check "Only billable projects". Separate invoices will be created for each client. If you want a single invoice, click on the Multiple Invoices button to toggle it to a single invoice.

Import your Jortt customers before invoicing

Import your Jortt customers into eHour before tracking hours and creating invoices. The correct customer is set when you create an invoice with hours tracked on an imported customer.

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