Jortt: Connecting Jortt and eHour

Jortt is accounting software, targeted at the Dutch market. 

Connect your Jortt account and import all your Jortt customers into eHour. When you finished tracking hours in eHour, export your hours to an invoice in Jortt.

To connect the applications, you need to create an Application in Jortt and copy-paste the Application name and autogenerated API key in eHour.

How to connect Jortt and eHour?

  1. Sign in to Jortt
  2. Click on Instellingen
  3. In the section koppelingen, choose Jortt API
  4. Enter a name for the application, eHour makes sense and click Opslaan
  5. In the list of linked applications, copy the API Key
  6. Sign in to eHour
  7. Click the gear icon and select "Integrations"
  8. In the section Connect to Jortt, enter the application name and API key from Jortt
  9. Use "Connect to Jortt" to validate the connection and import your customers!

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