Timesheet Settings

You can change a number of settings that change your timesheet. Click the Settings button to enable or disable one of the following features:

Weekend days

Toggle whether Saturday and Sunday are shown on your timesheet.

Project codes

Displays project codes, as set by your manager, on the timesheet.

Time formatting

You can choose how time is shown. For example, 30 minutes is shown as 00:30 or as 0.5.

Comments pop-up

For tracked hours you can add a comment to describe what you worked on. The pop-up with the comment automatically pops up whenever you are tracking hours. You can also configure your timesheet to disable this automatic pop-up and instead only show the comments when you click on the comment icon. 

Pro-tip: don't get your hands off the keyboard when entering time, press c on your keyboard to show the comments and use alt-tab to return from the comment input to the hours. Press enter to submit.

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