Managing Teams

You can organize your users into Teams and easily filter on the Team in a report or assign the whole Team to a project or task. 

Users can be members of multiple Teams.

A Team can have a Team Manager. The Team Manager can report on all hours tracked by its team members, assign the Team to a project or task, add and remove members from the Team and (when configured) approve timesheets.

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Add a Team

  1. Go to Manage, and click the Teams tab.
  2. Click the Add Team button, or use the plus button on the lower left.
  3. Enter your name for the Team.
  4. Give it a brief, unique code.
  5. Optionally set a Team Manager.
    If configured by an Admin, the Team Manager can approve team members' hours.
  6. Click the Save team button.

Add users to a Team

A Team without users is not a Team. To add team members:

  1. Go to Manage, then Teams.
  2. Select a Team.
  3. Click on Manage Team Members.
  4. In the popover, select all the users you want to join the Team.
  5. Click Update team members to save changes.

Assign a Team to a project

Assign a team to a project or task and allow all team members to track hours on the project/task.
New team members are automatically assigned to the projects the Team is assigned to and vice versa, whenever someone is removed from the assignments are removed.

Note that when you set a budget for the assignment, the budget is shared with the other team members.

Assign a Team from the Team Management screen
  1. Go to Manage, the Team tab.
  2. Find the Team you want to assign to a project
  3. Click "Assign to project."
  4. Select the project from the dropdown.
  5. Set any other settings accordingly, like role, date, budget, start/end dates, etc.
  6. Click "Save assignment" to save the assignment and automatically assign all team members to that assignment.
Assign a Team from the Project Management screen

You can also assign a team to a project from the Project Management screen:

  1. Click Manage, then Projects.
  2. Select the project.
  3. Click Assign to Project.
  4. Select a Team in the dropdown.
  5. Click Save assignment to save the assignment and automatically assign all team members to that assignment

Edit a Team

  1. Go to Manage, and click Teams.
  2. Select the Team from the list, or search for it.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Change the team name, code or Team manager.
  5. Click Save team. It's that easy!

Delete or Archive a Team

Teams without any team members can be deleted. Teams that are no longer needed but have team members can be archived. 

Archived teams do not appear in the reports by default ,or in the list of teams in the Management section. 

When a team is assigned to a project, all team members are automatically removed from those projects when it's archived. Hours tracked on those projects are of course still available.

  1. Go to Manage, and click Teams.
  2. Click the team settings.
  3. In the popup, scroll all the way down.
  4. Use either the Delete button or Archive button. When the team still has team members, the Delete button is not shown.

Restore an Archived Team

An Admin or Manager can restore archived teams. By restoring, all team members will be re-assigned to the projects the team was assigned to.

To restore a Team
  1. Click on Manage
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the search and untick "Hide archived teams"
  3. Look up the Team you want to restore
  4. Click on Restore
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