Managing Users

As an Admin or Manager, you can add new Users to your eHour account, edit an existing or remove them altogether.

Users that are active add up to your subscription fee. Archived Users are free of charge.

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Add a new User

Click on Manage in the top navigation and then and choose Users. To add a user, use the 'Add user' button or the plus sign in the lower left of the page.

The required information
  1. In the New user popup, enter the first and last name and email. Users log in with their email address, which must be unique.
  2. Set at least one team this user is part of. You can select multiple teams when you need them.
  3. Select the role or roles this user has. Read more about what each role can do in this article.
  4. Select a line manager (or no manager). Line Managers can run reports on the hours tracked by the people they manage and, when configured, can approve timesheets.
Time Tracking settings
  1. Set an hourly rate for the user. This hourly rate is used for calculating turnover for billable projects. The hourly rate can be overridden when assigning a user to a project.
  2. You can enter the contract hours or the number of hours this person works weekly. Contract hours are used for determining when automatic an automatic reminder is sent.
  3. You can send the user a reminder mail for missing hours by clicking the box next to Send reminder mail.
  4. Any custom fields when you defined them

After saving the data, an invitation mail is sent to the user, including a link to set their password. You, as an admin, can also set the password when creating the user by using the "Click here to set the password now" link. 

Click Save user to set everything in action!

Edit an existing User

Admins or Managers can edit existing Users.

  1. Click on Manage in the top navigation and then click Users.
  2. Look up the user you want to edit in the active users list or search using the search box.
  3. Click on Settings to edit the settings of the user.
  4. Change the settings you would like to change and click Save to save any changes.

Delete or Archive a User

An Admin or Manager can delete users that have not tracked any time or filed any expenses. For historical reports, you can only archive users who tracked time or added expenses.

Archived users can no longer log in; however, the already tracked time of archived users is still available in the reports. You can always restore an archived user and make it active again.
Deleted users cannot be restored; they are gone forever.

Archived users are free of charge; they don't add to your subscription fee. When you archive a user, your subscription fee will automatically adjust, and any prorated charges will be compensated in your next invoice.

To delete or archive a User.
  1. Click on Manage in the top navigation and then click Users.
  2. Look up the user you want to remove in the list of active users or search using the search box.
  3. Click on Settings.
  4. In the popup, scroll down.
  5. Use either the Delete button or the Archive button. Only the archive option is available when the user has already tracked time.

Restore an Archived User

An Admin or Manager can restore archived Users. Restoring an archived user allows the user to log in again and continue with tracking time.

To restore a User
  1. Click on Manage in the top navigation and then click Users.
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the search and untick "Hide archived users"
  3. Look up the user you want to restore
  4. Click on Restore
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