Assigning Users and Teams to a Project or Task

To allow a user to track hours on a project or task, you first need to assign the user to a project or task. You can either assign a single user or multiple users at once.

Note that users are automatically assigned to global projects. You do not need to do this manually.

Users can be assigned to a project or task by an Admin, Manager, Line Manager, their Team Manager, or the project manager.

Assigning multiple users to a project at once

  1. Go to Manage, Projects.
  2. Look up the project you want to assign users or teams to.
  3. With the project open, click on "Assign Users".

You can assign multiple users and teams to a project or project task at once on the next page.

  1. Select the users or teams you want to assign.
  2. When tasks were created for the project, select a task you want the users/teams to assign. 
  3. Optionally, set a start and end dateTime can be tracked from the start date until the end date. Start and end dates are optional; click the infinity icon to skip the start or end date.
  4. Optionally enter a role the user has within the project, the hourly rate and a budget in either time or money.

Budget usage and turnover are calculated using the hourly rate of the assignment. The default hourly rate of the user is used if no rate is specified when assigning the user. You can set the default hourly rate by navigating to Manage, Users and then editing the user.

The (optional) budget in hours limits the number of hours each user can track on this project. If you selected multiple users in step 1, a budget is created for each assignment. For example, when you create a budget of 100 hours and assign four people to the project, each person can track 100 hours: a total of 400. 

You can set a budget on two levels: for the whole project and when you assign users. The budget on a project level is an upper limit for all assignment budgets.
For example, the project budget is 500 hours, but you assigned six people to the project, each with a budget on the assignment level of 100 hours. They cannot track 600 hours but 500 hours since the project budget is the ultimate limit.

Click "Assign" to assign the selected users and teams to the project.

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