Managing Clients

As an Admin or Manager, you can add, edit and archive Clients. The Client is the person or company for whom you're completing work. It can be either an internal or an external entity.

Users with the Manager or Admin role can create a Client.

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Add a Client

  1. Go to Manage, then Clients.
  2. Click New Client, or use the plus button on the lower left of the page.
  3. Enter a unique client name and a brief code to identify the Client.
  4. Optionally, appoint a Client Manager.
  5. Optionally add a description that serves as an internal quick description of the Client.
  6. Add any custom fields that may have been defined.
  7. Click the Save button to store the Client. You now can start adding projects to the client.

As the name says, the Client Manager manages the projects of the client, can report on all hours tracked, and add or remove users.

Edit a Client

  1. Go to Manage, then Clients.
  2. Find the Client you want to edit, and select it.
  3. Click the Settings button, and edit as needed.
  4. Click the Save client button to save your changes. That's it!

Archive or Delete a Client

You can either archive or delete a Client. Clients who have any projects attached to them can only be archived. Users can no longer track hours on projects from an archived Client although any previously tracked hours are still available in the reports.
When a Client does not have any projects attached, you have the option to delete it.

  1. Go to Manage, then Clients, and select a Client.
  2. Click Settings. In the popup, scroll all the way down. You see only an Archive button when a Client has any projects with hours, otherwise, you also see a Delete button.
  3. Click either to Archive or Delete the project. That's it!

Restore an archived Client

Archived Clients can be restored by an Admin or Manager. After restoring users can continue tracking hours on the attached projects.

  1. Go to Manage, then Clients, and select a Client.
  2. Click on the gear icon next to the search and untick "Hide archived clients"
  3. Archived Clients are now included in the list. Find the Client you want to restore, and click the Restore button.

The Client is now active again, and users can track hours on the projects of this Client.

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